Google Launches Google Shopping Express

Google Launches Google Shopping Express

Google launches Google Shopping Express
Google launches same day delivery service.

Google launched a new service called Google Shopping Express in San Francisco that allows consumers to order from nine retailers including Target, Walgreens, and Office Depot and have same day delivery service. The company is testing the service in hopes of expanding throughout the US.

Those that signed up to be beta testers can order online and schedule to have orders delivered later that day and also receive six months of free deliveries. Retailers also have the opportunity to be involved with this same day delivery service by submitting an application.

The service will cost consumers $64-$69 a year to sign up, but the pricing plan is still in the works. There will be no surcharge charge for delivery when you sign up for the membership.

Google does not have their own couriers but they are working with partners to make the deliveries but the Google Shopping Express branding will be consistent throughout. (

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