Why Students Leave Boston

Why Students Leave Boston

The real reason recent graduates leave Boston.
Most students leave Boston because of the job opportunities.

There are many reasons why recent graduates may leave Boston, but it turns out that many leave because of the job opportunities. Some believe the myth that students leave because of the high cost of housing, but when college grads do leave many go to cities with higher housing costs like New York and San Francisco.

“A recent report by Lake breaks out talent retention into three phases: graduating college student; young professional; and young family. Each of these groups has different needs. For college students, jobs — and the internships that lead to them — are paramount. It’s the young professionals for whom lifestyle needs (like bars and restaurants) are key. And it’s the young families who care most about housing costs, although the competition there isn’t other cities, but the suburbs.”

It seems that many Boston students do not stay because their skills do not match the limited job openings.

The new educational initiative, Startup Institute, is in place to ease the tension of this problem but these initiatives can only do so much.

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