Proposed Boston museum is history

Proposed Boston museum is history

Plans to construct a history museum along Boston’s Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway are dead, reports the Boston Business Journal.

The museums CEO, Frank Keefe, said “The board has decided that we ought to quit. Life goes on.” As ABG reported, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation denied the museum Parcel 9, one of the last available parcels on the Greenway.

The finalists for Parcel 9 include Blackstone Market LLC, which has proposed an apartment complex with a food market on the ground floor, and Normandy Real Estate Partners, which proposed a hotel.

The Boston Museum was offered the space on Parcel 12 about 10 years ago. However, in order to build on Parcel 12, the Boston Museum would be required to obtain air rights, an acquisition that had the potential to cost near $50 million. The project was deemed too expensive to build on Parcel 12.

The project was only able to garner about 7 million dollars in support, a small sum relative to the estimated $120 million cost of the entire project.

The museum office is now closed.

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