Are You Ready for Shake Shack?

Are You Ready for Shake Shack?


Chestnut Hill Shake Shack
Shake Shack opens today in Chestnut Hill.

Shake Shack will be opening its doors in Chestnut Hill today and the expectations are high. The restaurant chain is known for their burgers, custards, and milkshakes and this will be the first to open in the Boston area. People are buzzing about what is to come and the employees are preparing for the crowd.

The Shake Shack located in New York’s Madison Square Park is known to have long lines and long waits just to satisfy the all-American food craving. To make it easier on customers at this location the company has a “Shake cam” so you can monitor the line by visiting their website.

When the restaurant opened in Miami, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia the venues were packed and some waited for hours in advance. It seems the company knows how to ease the pain by handing out menus and free custard samples to those waiting in line.

‘“When we set out to design, we wanted to change everything that fast food got wrong over the past 50 years,” Shake Shack chief executive Randy Garutti said of the restaurants, which feature salvaged bowling alley wood for table tops. “Uncomfortable seating and drive-through service and bad lighting — you name the things that fast food did to ­create this machine feeling, and what we’ve done is strip down every piece of that.”’

The search for the Boston area location took a few years and the company is currently looking for a second location downtown. (

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