Look out Taxis, SideCar is coming to Boston

Look out Taxis, SideCar is coming to Boston

SideCar, the mobile app that allows ride sharing among peers, will be available in Boston. The app will allow users with a smartphone to obtain a ride with a driver that is willing to give them one, and payment will be optional. The service will be available Friday and Saturday nights between 5pm and 3am during its initial phase.

The ride-sharing app launched last year and it is now being utilized in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and it will be expanding to Boston, Chicago, and Brooklyn.

Taxi companies may not be looking forward to SideCar expanding in Boston. Since it is a more affordable way to get around the city at night people may be more willing to use the app, which will be taking away business from taxi companies.

SideCar is different from Uber, Hailo, and similar apps that allow people to find and pay for a taxi, car service, etc. just by using the app. ‘SideCar chief executive Sunil Paul said his company’s service is different from Uber’s. “SideCar is peer-to-peer ride sharing  We match people who need a ride with regular everyday drivers willing to give them one. SideCar is safe. We run more checks on our drivers than taxi or limo services. Plus, all rides are tracked via GPS and rated by previous riders. Seventy-one percent of Sidecar riders polled recently said they felt safer in a SideCar than in a taxi.”’ (boston.com)

Will you use the new SideCar app?


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