The New App to Keep Taxi Drivers in Check

The New App to Keep Taxi Drivers in Check

There is now an app available to iPhone users that allow you to keep taxi cab drivers in check. Many may know that some drivers take longer routes to hike up the fare, but this app, called Taxi Turvi, will allow you to calculate the optimal route.

iPhone app that calculates best taxi route.
Taxi Turvi helps calculate quickest and cheapest route.

The smartphone app uses Google maps to provide a side-by-side comparison of the cab drivers’ path and determines the quickest and cheapest route.

Taxi Turvi also allows users to rate cab drivers by inputting their driver’s permit to write a review.

“The app’s creator Audrey Overstreet said she was inspired to create the tool after she experienced driver deception first-hand, the New York Post reports.”

‘”We wanted to invent something that was helpful to the world,” Overstreet told the Post. “The app will bring accountability to an industry that is notorious for duping unsuspecting tourists.”’ (

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