Charlestown Navy Yard designated provisional developer

Charlestown Navy Yard designated provisional developer

On September 13th, 2012 the Boston Redevelopment Authority selected Kavanagh Advisory Group as provisional developer of Parcel 39A in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Now, the Danver based development group has released plans for 16 Studio apartments, 2 one bedroom units, and 27 one bedroom and den units. All in all, the residential development will span approximately 48,000 square feet.

Tom Miller, vice president at Kavanagh, is optimistic about development. “We believe this could be a project that we can really move on quickly,” he said. In fact, construction will begin as early as June 2013.

The project will bring mid-market priced housing to the area as well as about 10 units of affordable housing.

The lot has previously been designated to Boston-based developer Kenney Development Co. in 2001. However, the BRA severed the contract after very little progress was made.

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