Pushcart Vendors Worried about Future

Pushcart Vendors Worried about Future


Puchcart vendors in Downtown Boston
Pushcart vendors are able to stay downtown for 60 more days.

Mayor Menino has pushed back the BID and BRA’s plan to kick pushcart vendors out of downtown Boston at the end of March. The mayor gave the operators a 60-day reprieve because he feels strongly that they should be able to stay downtown.

The BID and BRA has plans to create a smaller transitional pushcart program that will have more permanent structures and upgraded merchandising. Since the program will be smaller vendors will have to apply to the program and there is no guarantee that they will be accepted. This has operators worried because their incomes will be at stake.

“Vendors who stand to be displaced by construction work set to begin in the area, including on the long-stalled Filene’s block project, will be relocated, at least temporarily, BRA spokeswoman Susan Elsbree said. The city is considering pushing them out into the middle of the district’s pedestrian-only zone.”

The vendors seem to be grateful for the 60-day reprieve and they just hope that that if they have to be relocated that it will be a location with heavy foot traffic. (bostonherald.com) 

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